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So what is RAW FOOD????

Raw food principals are about keeping food unprocessed and unrefined; keeping it in its original form. By consuming raw food we keep all living enzymes found in these foods which then nourishes our bodies and help keep our gut bacteria flourishing. This then also aids with digestion & keeping our bodies alkaline. An alkaline state is when your internal environment is oxygenated and your cells are functioning at 100%. Foods to keep us alkaline include-

Green Leafy vegetables, sea vegetables(spirilina, dulse flakes, kelp), spouted seeds( quinoa, buckwheat, alfalfa) apple cider vinegar, coconut products, hemp, seeds (pumpkin, flaxseed) chlorella, cacao bean, maca.

As we have evolved, unfortunately our food has become more and more processed making it extremely hard for our bodies to digest and use as fuel. This in turn has caused our bodies to be inflamed causing toxic build up, parasites, candida, fungus (cancer), poor skin, irritability/ mood swings.

When we cook our food above 44c it destroys the living enzymes in the plants and seeds, so when we ingest the food it isn’t providing nourishment to our gut bacteria or oxygen to our cells. It sits in our stomach and colon and ferments which lead to then leads to inflammation.

If we can consume at least 51% raw food with cooked food it aids in better health and mood. Things we can also ingest to help with alkalinity are Kombucha (fermented Tea), sauerkraut (fermented vegetables), fermented nut cheeses and yogurt.

Stress can also play a big role in disrupting the ph alkalinity in our body, so take time out to go for a walk, meditate, do yoga (to stretch out the toxins in the muscles and joints), exercise, massage (for lymphatic drainage), laugh with friends or spend quality time with loved ones and pets.

Stay Rawsome!

~ Jessi ♥

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